vocabulary 2

 A bug

bug /b / noun, verb

1 [C] (especially NAmE) any small insect
2 [C] (informal) an infectious illness that is usually fairly mild. 3 (usually the … bug) [sing.] (informal) an enthusiastic interest in sth such as a sport or a hobby. 4 [C] (informal) a small hidden device for listening to other people’s conversations. 5 [C] a fault in a machine, especially in a computer system or program.6
(NAmE) = Beetle
verb (
-gg-) [vn]
1 to put a special device (= a bug) somewhere in order to listen secretly to other people’s conversations. 2 (informal) to annoy or irritate sb:

Punaise, insect microbe

bug off! (NAmE, informal) a rude way of telling sb to go away






 To dub

dub /d b/ verb, noun

verb (-bb-)
1 [vnn] to give sb/sth a particular name, often in a humorous or critical way. 2 [vn] ~ sth (into sth) to replace the original speech in a film/movie or television programme with words in another language. 3 [vn
] (especially BrE) to make a piece of music by mixing sounds from different recordings
noun [U] a type of West Indian music or poetry with a strong beat







tan•gle /t l/ noun, verb

1 a twisted mass of threads, hair, etc. that cannot be easily separated.
2 a state of confusion or lack of order. 3 (informal) a disagreement or fight
verb~ (sth) up to twist sth into an untidy mass; to become twisted in this way tangle with sb/sth to become involved in an argument or a fight with sb/sth: Last time I tangled with him, he won!


tangle with sb/sth to become involved in an argument or a fight with sb/sth: Last time I tangled with him, he won!


agar /e (r)/

(also agar- agar) noun a substance like jelly, used by scientists for growing cultures



Jelly= gelée

Wow factor

wow factor noun [sing.]

Informal  the quality sth has of being very impressive or surprising to people: If you want to sell your house quickly, it needs a wow factor.



Wide range



Large gamme,



host /h st; NAmE ho st/ noun, verb

1 [C] a person who invites guests to a meal, a party, etc. or who has people staying at their house . 2 [C] a country, a city or an organization that holds and arranges a special event. 3 [C] a person who introduces a television or radio show, and talks to guests .4 [C] (technical) an animal or a plant on which another animal or plant lives and feeds
5 [C] ~ of sb/sth
a large number of people or things: a host of possibilities
6 [C] the main computer in a network that controls or supplies information to other computers that are connected to it.7 the Host
[sing.] the bread that is used in the Christian service of Communion, after it has been blessed
verb [
to organize an event to which others are invited and make all the arrangements for them.
to introduce a television or radio programme, a show, etc.
to organize a party that you have invited guests to: to host a dinner
4 to store a website on a computer connected to the Internet, usually in return for payment: a company that builds and hosts e-co

accueillir hôte








syn :compère: a TV game show host—see also announcer, presenter

a host of possibilities


amen•able / mi n bl/ adj

1 ~ (to sth) (of people) easy to control; willing to be influenced by sb/sth. 2 ~ to sth (formal) that you can treat in a particular way

1. souple

2. soumis à

3. modifiable

4. corrompu




crude /kru d/ adj., noun

adj. (cruder, cru•dest)
1 simple and not very accurate but giving a general idea of sth: In crude terms. 2 (of objects or works of art) simply made, not showing much skill or attention to detail. 3 (of people or the way they behave) offensive or rude, especially about sex 4
[usually before noun] (of oil and other natural substances) in its natural state, before it has been treated with chemicals: crude oil / metal

noun (also
crude oil) [U] oil in its natural state, before it has been treated with chemicals

1. brut

1. grossier

2. vulgaire

3. cru

4. simple

5. sec

6. gentil

7. claire


Syn: vulgar: crude jokes / language

crude•ly adv.: a crudely drawn ship To put it crudely, the poor are going without food so that the rich can drive cars. crude•ness noun [U]












col•our•less (BrE) (NAmE col•or•less) /k l l s; NAmE l rl/ adj

1 without colour or very pale

2 not interesting

 1. sans couleur

2. incolore

3. pâle

4. neutre

5. non aligné


Syn : dull: a colourless personality


sam•ple /s mpl; NAmE s mpl/ noun, verb

1 a number of people or things taken from a larger group and used in tests to provide information about the group.2 a small amount of a substance taken from a larger amount and tested in order to obtain information about the substance. 3 a small amount or example of sth that can be looked at or tried to see what it is like.4 (technical) a piece of recorded music or sound that is used in a new piece of music

verb [vn]
1 to try a small amount of a particular food to see what it is like; to experience sth for a short time to see what it is like.2 (technical) to test, question, etc., part of sth or of a group of people in order to find out what the rest is like.3 (technical) to record part of a piece of music, or a sound, in order to use it in a new piece of music












over•lapverb, noun
v l p; NAmE o v rl p/ (-pp-)

1 if one thing overlaps another, or the two things overlap, part of one thing covers part of the other.2 [vn] to make two or more things overlap. 3 [v, vn] if two events overlap or overlap each other, the second one starts before the first one has finished
4 ~ (with sth) to cover part of the same area of interest, knowledge, responsibility, etc.: noun /
1 [C, U] ~ (between sth and sth) a shared area of interest, knowledge, responsibility, etc. 2 [C, U] the amount by which one thing covers another thing.3 [sing.] a period of time in which two events or activities happen together

v.: se chevaucher








Long winded




 verbeux prolixe





Bound to






har•ness /h n s; NAmE h rn s/ noun, verb

1 a set of strips of leather and metal pieces that is put around a horse’s head and body so that the horse can be controlled and fastened to a carriage, etc.
2 a set of strips of leather, etc. for fastening sth to a person’s body or to keep them from moving off or falling

verb 1 ~ sth (to sth) to put a harness on a horse or other animal; to attach a horse or other animal to sth with a harness 2 to control and use the force or strength of sth to produce power or to achieve sth










in harness (BrE) doing your normal work, especially after a rest or a holiday

in harness (with sb) (BrE) working closely with sb in order to achieve sth:




En meme temps



sen•sor /sens (r)/

noun a device that can react to light, he at, pressure, etc. in order to make a machine, etc. do sth or show sth: security lights with an infrared sensor (= that come on when a person is near them)






dis•play /d sple / verb, noun

verb~ sth (to sb)
1 [vn] to put sth in a place where people can see it easily; to show sth to people . 2 [vn] to show signs of sth, especially a quality or feeling. 3 [vn] (of a computer, etc.) to show information.4 [v] (technical) (of male birds and animals) to show a special pattern of behaviour that is intended to attract a female bird or animal
1 an arrangement of things in a public place to inform or entertain people or advertise sth for sale. 2 an act of performing a skill or of showing sth happening, in order to entertain: 3 an occasion when you show a particular quality, feeling or ability by the way that you behave: 4 the words, pictures, etc. shown on a computer screen



Syn: exhibit

on di splay put in a place where people can look at it syn : on show:


shape / e p/ noun, verb

1 [C, U] the form of the outer edges or surfaces of sth; an example of sth that has a particular form.2 [C] a person or thing that is difficult to see clearly.3 [U] the physical condition of sb/sth*.4 [U] the particular qualities or characteristics of sth
get (yourself) into
shape to take exercise, eat healthy food, etc. in order to become physically fit
get / knock / lick sb into
shape to train sb so that they do a particular job, task, etc. well

get / knock / lick sth into shape to make sth more acceptable, organized or successful

give shape to sth (formal) to express or explain a particular idea, plan, etc
any (way,) shape or form (informal) of any type

out of shape
1 not having the normal shape.2 (of a person) not in good physical condition
shape of things to come the way things are likely to develop in the future
shape to develop and become more complete or organizedverb
1 [vn] ~ A (into B) to make sth into a particular shape.2 [vn] to have an important influence on the way that sb/sth develops: 3 [v to inf] to prepare to do sth, especially hit or kick sth
shape up or ship out (NAmE, informal) used to tell sb that if they do not improve, work harder, etc. they will have to leave their job, position, etc.
shape up
1 to develop in a particular way, especially in a good way.2 (informal) to improve your behaviour, work harder, etc


1. prendre forme

2. donner une forme

3. former

4. formuler

5. concrétiser

6. mettre au point

7. dresser

8. modifier

9. se concrétiser

10. façonner

11. modeler

12. marcher bien


1. forme

2. figure

3. silhouette

4. contour

5. moule

6. apparition

7. condition

8. fantôme

9. état

10. système


SYn: Figure


straight•for•ward /stre tf w d; NAmE f rw rd/ adj.

1 easy to do or to understand; not complicated

2 (of a person or their behaviour) honest and open; not trying to trick sb or hide sth



straight•for•ward•ly adv.: straight•for•ward•ness noun [U]


syn: easy


in•volve / nv lv; NAmE nv lv/ verb

1 if a situation, an event or an activity involves sth, that thing is an important or necessary part or result of it .2 [vn] if a situation, an event or an activity involves sb, they take part in it or are affected by it.3 [vn] ~ sb (in sth / in doing sth) to make sb take part in sth4 [vn] ~ sb (in sth) to say or do sth to show that sb took part in sth, especially a crime

in volve sb in sth to make sb experience sth, especially sth unpleasant: You have involved me in a great deal of extra work.


1. prendre part

2. s’engager

3. affecter

4. utiliser

5. participer

6. impliquer

7. avoir liaisons

8. comprendre

9. nécessiter

10. influencer

11. se mêler


Syn : entail, implicate


dye /da / verb, noun

verb (dyes, dye•ing, dyed, dyed) to change the colour of sth, especially by using a special liquid or substance: [vn] to dye fabric [vnadj] She dyed her hair blonde.—see also tie-dye
noun [C, U] a substance that is used to change the colour of things such as cloth or hair: black dye hair dye natural / chemical / vegetable dyes


1. teindre

2. colorer


1. teinture

2. colorant




cur•rent•ly /k r ntli; NAmE k r/

at the present time


En ce moment


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